Spartina Eradication Action Coordination Team



Chair Joel Gerwein, Environmental Project Manager at California Coastal ConservancySpartina patens

WCGA Action Plan 

Action 2.4: Focus efforts on eradicating non-native cordgrasses (genus Spartina), which are transported between the three states on ocean currents, as a pilot coast-wide eradication.

Spartina Eradication Action Coordination Team Final Work Plan

Recent Accomplishments

  • In Oregon, The Nature Conservancy and Oregon Department of Agriculture reached an agreement to use landscaping fabric and herbicides to eradicate non-native Spartina patens in the Siuslaw Estuary, the only known infestation in the state. The Oregon Legislature established an emergency fund and provided $350,000 for invasive species rapid response.
  • In Washington State, over 99% of non-native Spartina has been removed. The program has reduced the statewide infestation from a high of 9,000 acres in 2003 to 27 acres during 2010.
  • British Columbia, working with the WCGA, removed 10% (0.2 acres) of the estimated non-native Spartina infestation. A Spartina management plan, modeled after Oregon and Alaska, was prepared in 2010, and staff is securing approval for herbicide control in British Columba, currently planned for the 2011 field season.
  • The Pacific Ballast Water Group ( hosted meetings in 2009 and 2010, and is focusing on current federal ballast water discharge rule making by the US Coast Guard as well as pending re-issuance of the EPA Vessel General Permit to ensure coordination with state ballast water programs. The group continues to encourage and support funding efforts for development and testing of ballast water treatment technologies suitable for vessels operating in West Coast waters.